Consultancy services

It’s not unusual that your current workload outstrips your current staff resources. Perhaps you have been asked to include a Windows version of an App yet you do not have the staff with that background to complete the work.


What we offer

We can offer consultancy services on a short term basis to help fill the gap in staffing resources. We have had experience with a number of teams, fitting into their tooling and development lifecycles. We aim to fit in with existing teams and workflows with as little impact as possible to ensure the best value service without having a negative impact on the project.


Flexible Pricing

We can work with you to create a billing strategy that works for your current project. We can arrange a monthly billing cycle or we could offer a percentage split based on deliverable milestones.


Platforms and Languages we use

ASP.NET logoWe can offer consultancy service for web projects using PHP, ASP.NET and many other common languages and environments.  If you’re not sure if we can help get in touch to discuss your project.

We can also offer consultancy services for Windows app development using C# or alternatively Android apps using Java or Xamarin to create cross platform apps.

To find out more just drop us a call on 020 8123 9994